IsraelGives Day 2019

It's our birthday - but you get the present!
Over ₪120,000 in prizes!

IsraelGives Day

IsraelGives is turning 10 and to celebrate our birthday, we're hosting IsraelGives Day, in which we're giving away ₪120,000 in prizes to non-profits and to volunteers!

Why is December 3rd IsraelGives Day?
Founded in 2009, IsraelGives is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. So we've decided to celebrate this amazing milestone on GivingTuesday, the International Day of Giving. Throughout the world, this day is known as the social alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and for us, it's going to be a day to make your donation dollar go so much further!
How does the competition work?
Create a MyCause campaign today, and start recruiting supporters. On December 3rd, we'll add 1% on to every recurring donation you've received up to that date, and 10% on to the recurring donation of anyone who joins on IsraelGives Day.

And then, up to January 31st, keep raising support and supporters, because we're giving away ₪50,000 to the three campaigns that recruit the largest numbers of supporters:
  • ₪20,000 will be awarded to a campaign created by a non-profit whose annual budget is larger than ₪1 million.
  • ₪20,000 will be granted to a campaign created by a private individual or a a non-profit whose budget is less than ₪1 million.
  • ₪10,000 will be awarded to any campaign created by an individual (or anyone who isn't funding a non-profit organization).
There's no need to sign up for the competition - all campaigns are automatically entered and eligible. Just go off and create your campaign, and you too can have a chance to win this amazing cash prize.

In addition, on IsraelGives Day, we'll award ₪20,000 to amazing volunteers in the MyGivingStory competition.

IsraelGives Day Competition - rules and regulations
Cash prizes
Marketing prizes
MyGivingStory Prizes

My Giving Story

Some people give secretly, and some people give loudly and proudly. However if it is you give - we want to hear about it. Tell us your GivingStory (or the story of someone that you admire) and win ₪20,000 in prizes for you and for your cause!

First prize
Second prize
Third prize
How does the MyGivingStory competition work?
Everyone is invited to submit their GivingStory: how they have given - in terms of time, money, or social impact - to others. The story can be about something that you have done, but it can also be a story about someone else - the amazing thing that someone who know did. The GivingStory will then appear on this website, and people will be able to vote for their favorite GivingStory. The 3 campaigns with the most votes on midnight on December 3rd will win the 3 prizes. .
How do I submit a story, and what are the terms of the competition?
Anyone can submit a GivingStory - you'll submit them right through this website, as of November 1, 2019. You can tell your story in text, pictures, and video. In addition to the story, you'll also select a non-profit organization - because if your story wins one of the competition's prizes, the cash will be split between the person about whom the story was written and a non-profit organization that they support.

After you submit your GivingStory, we'll work to approve it and upload it to the site, as quickly as possible. We'll then send you a link to your GivingStory page. You can then share this link with your friends and family, on social media and by WhatsApp, with the goal of getting as many people as possible to vote for your story as their favorite GivingStory. People can only vote for one GivingStory, but they can vote every day - so encourage your supporters to come back and vote!

MyGivingStory rules and regulations