Crowdfunding that you can rely on, every month.

MyCause is a platform to help fund causes, social movements, and creators. Create a campaign, recruit supporters, and receive recurring monthly donations, for as long as you're passionate about your cause.

It's crowdfunding that pays.
Every month.

MyCause is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to building online communities of supporters, and to collect recurring monthly support. Funds are passed to you every month, or deposited directly into your bank account. Together with your community, your cause now has funding it can rely on.

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Steps to create a mycause campaign


Register free online, build your campaign using our easy-to-use wizard, and promote it to your supporters every way you can.


Supporters join your cause and make a recurring monthly donation, which helps to fund your cause, mission, or art.


The funds get to you quickly - even instantly - so that you can power your cause - this month and every month after.

Some great features

Instant Approval

Create your campaign using our easy-to-use wizard and get immediate approval. Be up and fundraising in 15 minutes or less.

Live Support

Get live support in English and Hebrew, for creating and promoting your campaign.


Fundraise in 45 currencies and create your campaign in multiple languages.

Immediate access to funds

We can handle your funds, or we can use your own so that you receive funds directly and instantly.


Donations are tax-deductible in Israel, the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and E.U.

Mobile friendly

Your campaign is optimized for mobile giving and your donors can even give in just one click!

International Fundraising

We make it easy for you to fundraise internationally, and give tax-deductible receipts to your foreign donors. Integrates into the online fundraising platform, and donors can also give by check, bank transfer, stock, and bequest.

  • Accept donations in 45 currencies
    and in 8 global languages
  • Donor service and support
    in English, French, and Hebrew
United States
UK and Europe

Simple pricing

We charge non-profits a
This does not include the credit card fee, which starts at 1%, but depends on the currency of the donation and card type.

The transaction and credit card fee is

Personal advice and support

Get human support for all of your technical needs, and an expert team of fundraising professionals to consult with when deciding what tools best fit your organization.


Setting up your campaign is easy and simple. And we're always here to help.

How does it work? is a crowdfunding platform that helps you to create online fundraising campaigns to promote your favorite causes. Your supporters join your campaign by making a recurring monthly donation. These funds are then transferred to you, so that you can fund your cause - this month and every month after.
Who can create a campaign?
Anyone can create a campaign. The funds you raise can either go to a registered non-profit organization, or to yourself.
How long will the recurring donations continue for?
Donors can, through their accounts, stop their membership at any time. However, if they don't, your recurring donations can continue forever. If a credit card expires or is cancelled, we'll automatically replace the card number with the number that replaced it. We call this technology Infinity Donations.
Who's behind was developed by , a global leader in online fundraising technology, with over 2,200 clients.
How do I create a campaign?
From within your account, enter into the campaign wizard, and then follow these steps:
  • Select "mycause campaign" as your campaign type
  • Pick a 1-word name for your campaign (like "SaveTheWhales"). It can be a combination of English letters and numbers (but no spaces).
  • Next, select the languages that you'd like to create a campaign in (it can be English-only, Hebrew-only, or both Hebrew and English).
  • Then, select a default currency for each language campaign. For example, you can make the default currency of your Hebrew campaign Israeli Shekels, and the default currency of your English campaign U.S. dollars. Your supporters will be able to pay in multiple currencies - but numbers will be represented in this currency on the campaign page itself.
  • Then, choose between a background image and a background color.
  • Next, select a campaign title, and then describe your campaign (using text and pictures). Note that if your campaign is in both English and Hebrew, you'll need to provide a description and title in both languages.
    Optionally, you can upload a video as well for each language.
  • After this, there are a few questions that you'll need to answer.
    First, you'll need to decide whether in addition to showing how many people have joined your campaign, whether you want us to show how much money has been donated.
    Then, decide whether you have a specific goal of how many people you want to recruit, and if yes, what it is.
    Finally, if you already have recurring donors already donating to you through the IsraelGives system, you can decide whether you'd like to add these donors to your campaign total. So, for example, if your goal is 100 supporters, and you already have 10 people making recurring donations to you, your campaign will start by showing that you already have 10 people supporting you.
  • Next, you'll help to make tangible and understandable the different ways that your supporters can join your campaign and create an impact by creating differently branded membership levels. Under sum, enter the amount that your member will be donating. Under title, give your membership level a title. And then describe in a sentence or two the impact that can be created, or any way that this donation can impact.
    To view an example, click here.
What are the fees involved?

Please note that the fees listed here do not include applicable sales taxes.
How and when does my cause get the funds?
If you have your own merchant account (Stripe, PayPal, Isracard, CAL), all donated funds will be deposited directly into your account. If you don't have your own merchant account, we'll receive the funds on your behalf and then transferred to you, once a month.
What payment types and currencies do you accept?
We accept 45 global currencies by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners, and PayPal.
Are donations tax-deductible?
If the donation is made to a non-profit organization, then the donations will be tax-deductible in Israel, the US, Canada, UK, Australis, and the EU.
If the donation is made directly to an individual, the donation will not be tax-deductible.

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